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Housersinvestment's ($HINV)
In Coin Offering (ICO)



Purpose is to provide EVERYONE the opportunity of getting involved into Real Estate investing through the use of Blockchain Technology.

Check out the
WhitePaper for more information.

Key Features

1,000,000,000 (Total Supply) "1 Billion"

10% of Each Transaction is "Taxed"

5% to Holders as Dividends
5% to Liquidity as Reinvested Earnings

We can change this "Tax" at any time.

3 Things happen when Making a Transaction


5% of every Transaction is Distributed to ALL the wallets holding at least 1 Token.

$1,000 Transaction = $50 Distributed Equally to Every Wallet.


One of the Wallets that receives the 5% in Dividends "Burns" the tokens which creates scarcity, resulting in the price of all the tokens to potentially increase on every transaction.

This allows the Currency to become a Store Of Value.

Reinvested Earnings

The other 5% of each transaction is allocated into the Liquidity pool.
Housersinvestments utilizes the Tax to purchase Real Estate. We will also use this portion of the Tax for Business Development purposes.

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